Monday, December 15, 2014

CHRISTMAS IS CLOSE!! I still can´t believe it!

The apron that I got in the mail as a
surprise from Jeannine Malwitz!
It is sooo cute!!
So this week we got to know Emily and Sara!! They are wonderful!!! They are going to get baptized this Saturday with their cousin in the other ward!! They are super excited!! Funny story, Sunday they were sleeping so we went to their house and woke them up and brought them to church. Good thing!!! The young women here are wonderful!!! They all exchanged addresses and phone numbers and I´m already excited for them!!! :D They are adorable!! I´ll send pictures of the baptism next week!!!

We also are working with 3 other families and a couple other people but none of them went to church on Sunday :/ So we are going to keep working with them this week to see if they truly are the Lord´s elect!!

My present from Marcos, Patrícia
and João Pedro :D
They know me soo well :D
It was great to see them this week!!!
Aurecí and Manuel are doing great!!! They already want to go to the temple!!! yayyyy

I saw Marcos, Patrícia and João Pedro and Kalel this week!! They went to one of the Cantatas!!! I cried while they walked in while I was trying to sing!!! Crazy right???? They are amaizng and super strong!!!! I also saw Emily and she is adorbale as always!! 

We also wen to Belas Artes and the members wouldn´t let me leave!! They were trying to hide me in the rooms and I almost missed the bus to go back home!! haha

The SUPER MINI cookies I made!!! 
So last night we watched a re-broadcast of the Christmas devotional. Wow, was the choir fantastic!!! It was amazing to hear the Christ story and feel His love for me! I loved the entire devotional and if you haven´t watched it yet, it is worth the time!!! 

Response to Dad's question about the Cantatas that they have been performing....
So about 50 missionaries are singing a Cantata for Natal. There is a flautist and 2 violinists, and 2 narators and a live manger scene. We practiced during p-days for about 2 months and we have 15 presentations throughout the mission. The point is to invite all of the neighbors of the chapels to have a reason to enter and learn bmore about the church!!! It has been going really well!! We have one more weekend with 4 performances and then we are done. The Cantata is about 35 minutes and we have a prelude that is 20 minutes because we guessed that people would sohw up late, BEST IDEA EVER! I was inchagre of the prelude. We have 6 songs. 2 violin duets, 2 violin solos (all the violin songs with piano) a piano duet and a quartet singing acapella. Sis. Sweet and I play the piano together on all the songs, and we also sing in the quartet haha. It is fun!!!!

It was a lot of work, but everyone has LOVED it! And it has been great to go back to my old areas and see evryone again :D

Stay strong and SMILE :D
Love you all
Sister Peterson

The chocolate on top is a chocolate chip,
so the cookie is just a little bit bigger than
a normal sized chocolate chip :D

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