Monday, June 30, 2014

Can you believe it´s already been 8 months????

Hi :D

Look I´m on Brasil´s soccer team!!! and
It´s even my number from high school!! 14! :D
It´s crazy, I feel like I just got here and it´s already been 8 months!!! Time literally flies!!!!!! 

So this week was interesting. There were two games so Monday and Saturday we had to stay in.

We are working with this couple Silvia and Ricardo and they are super cool! The only problem is that they are really busy! So we can only visit them once a week. But they are progressing which is good!!! 

So we are working with other people toooo, but we just got our transfer calls and we are both getting transferred. Sister Fernández is going to Praia Grande and I´m going to São Vicente. So we have to pack and clean our house today, and I think we have to leave today too. So we will see how that goes. But I´m excited for a new area and a new experience!!!!! 

The Festa Junhinha :D
haha the little kids like the camera. 
We tried to get everyone.

We had a Festa Junhinha last Friday at an Irmãs house and it was so much fun!!! It´s this traditional party that everyone has in June. So we had popcorn and sweet potatoes and cake and people were playing the guitars, it was way fun!

There was an elder who came back to visit Belas Artes after 20 years, he´s from Utah. So he brought 2 of his children and he gave me AMERICAN CANDY!! haha it was so awesome!! I like little miracles, even if they are just Reeses haha :D 

There´s this quote that I love by Elder Uchtdorf, "Sandwiched between 'once upon a time' and 'happily ever after' everyone has to experience great adversity. There must be opposition. Adversity helps us to grow." I really like this quote because truthfully, everyone wants their 'happily ever after'. But we have to work for it. It is going to be hard, we are going to have adversity, because we need to grow. We need to not give up, but always stay strong and rely on the Lord!!
And Sabrina and Rodrigo and 2 of their kids!
Aren´t they adorable?????
Love you!

Sister Peterson


Monday, June 23, 2014

Another week in Brazil!!

Some little girls in the ward wrote us cute notes :D
So not a ton of things this week, but we stayed inside again on Tuesday because of the game, I actually really appreciate the extra study time!!!!!!!!!

I translated a song into Portuguese and my zone is going to sing it!!! Exciting right??? haha

I ate a chicken´s took a while to take the first bite. 

And there are these two little girls that come to English class and have started to come to church and they LOVE IT!!! They are always excited to go to Primary! It´s way cool!! We are going to go this week to try to teach their families :D

The Elders are teaching this guy Anderson who is amazing. He has a walking problem yet he comes to church every week and walks up the 2 flights of stair to go to priesthood. You can see how painful it is but he still pushes because he knows it is true. What amazing examples we have here.

I love the quote, "They don´t care how much you know, until they know how much you care." It´s so true, we really have to show people how much we care about them and how much they mean to us. Then they will be will to listen to the amazing things that we want to share with them!!! First be a friend :D Everyone needs friends!!

Love you!
Sister Peterson 

Me and my chicken foot haha

FHE with Anderson and his family!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Brasil closes for World Cup!!!!

Hiiii :D
So I made crocheted hats for the newborns in our Ward, 3!!!! Mikey I hope you are proud of me :D
So we had a contact this week. So we were walking down the street and I said to Sister Fernández I think we should do some more contacts, then a man stops us and asks, Vocês fazen visitas em casa??? Do you do visits in house?? and it was so funny. He contacted us!!!! it was great :D
So Thursday we stayed inside all day, it´s our rule that we got for Brazil games. Because literally no one will answer us while Brazil is playing. But it was good, we got extra time to study. We have to stay in again tomorrow.
I did exchanges for the first time on Friday with our sister training leader and it was super good! We had a ton of lessons! :D
We went to visit this less active and her son Sean who´s first language is English and he is adorable!!! We had fun playing the guitar and getting to know her.
Ward conference was Sunday and Elvandir was confirmed :D It was great!! The choir sang and it was super good!!! I´m proud of them :D
Nothing crazy this week. People still look at me weird cause my hair  is SOOO blonde HAHA, it´s not that blonde hehe.
BUt it was a good week!!
Always remember that the Lord truly hears us. We just need to talk to him. And as we pray let's actually converse with our Father. We need to listen too, and the trick for me is that I talk to him like I´d be talking to my dad here. All the things I want to tell him I tell my Heavenly Father because He is my father too.
Have a wonderful week!!
Love you!
Sister Peterson

Monday, June 9, 2014

Faith and Miracles

This week was crazy and amazing. 

Each day all day our appointments fell through and it was difficult. But then each night we had a miracle. :D It was amazing. 

The baptism!!!
Our ward mission leader is on the right
 and Elvandir is the little man :D
His wife got baptized last month!
I want to share the story about Elvandir. So we had given him a baptismal date for Saturday. So on Friday my zone leader went to do the interview and Elvandir was REALLY nervous. So it didn´t really go super well. Then he went back Saturday morning and everything was good. Elvandir is sick so he wanted warm water and we don´t have a baptismal font. So this weekend was stake conference so we decided to do the baptism at the stake center! Saturday our ward mission leader went and picked up Elvandir and Virginia for stake conference. We decided to change the baptism to Sunday to let Elvandir calm down a little bit. So Sunday Irmão Rubens picked them up and he was talking about the baptism. When they pulled up to a stop sign Elvandir opened the door and ran. I was at the stake center already because I was singing in the choir when I heard about this. Well he got to stake conference and it was good! Then afterwards he was still super nervous a fidgety and agitated all together. Then he kind of had a panic attack. We got him a chair and then our Bishop gave him a blessing. Afterwards he was really calm and said he was ready to get baptized. So he got baptized, even though he is scared of water, and afterwards he was so happy!!! He was calm and everything ended up working out. 

The part that was the most interesting for me that was through all of this I wasn´t worried, or freaking out or anything. I was surprisingly calm.  We have been learning a lot about faith recently and I think my faith has truly been growing. When we have faith and we put our completely trust in God we don´t have to worry. We can just have the faith that everything will work out. I really saw this yesterday. That we truly can have the faith to give it all to the Lord. 

Saturday we to conference and the sessions had been switched, so we showed up for the priesthood leadership meeting. So we were with the Elders and their investigator Mauro. We ended up having a testimony meeting in the parking lot with 8 missionaries (6 elders and us) and a recent convert and Mauro. We all shared our conversion stories (all but 3 are converts) and our testimonies. It was so cool and Mauro got baptized the same time as Elvandir!!! It really was a miracle :D

I hope you all have a wonderful week and you take the time to see the miracles that are in our lives everyday!

Love you!
Sister Peterson


a random dog that somehow got
on the top of a house! haha

Elder Chase helping wash a families rat haha

Monday, June 2, 2014

Time Passes quickly!!! 7 months!

This super cute kitty that came up to me on the street
and wouldn´t leave haha it´s sooo cute!! 
SO this week was great!!!! Quick update

Elvandir is doing well!! He knows the church is true but I think he is scared of baptism still. We are going to work with him. He can´t read and I think that is one of his worries, but Virginia is strong and is working with him. It will all work out!!!!! We went to visit them on Saturday and it was so funny because Elvandir wasn´t there!! Virginia then explained that some guys from the church came and picked him up to go hunting!!!! Ha, it´s good that he has friends in the church now :D

We had zone conference this week and it was great!!! Elder Chase and I sang a song partially in English and Portuguese. It turned out really good and everyone wants i have to translate the second half into Portugese hahahaha. 

We are working with Lisangela and Antonio and they are just waiting for their papers to get married!! YAYAYYAYAYAY 
Miguel :)
he is so adorable with his little minion hat 

Choir practice, guess who is the pianist???

our ward mission leader -
he is awesome!!!!!!!!

we made pancakes for p-day!!! 

WE FOUND on the street!!

Beautiful sky :D
 On Friday was my 7 month mark, and guess how many lessons we had!! 7!!! and we spent all night helping at a ward activity!!! it was a great day! :D 

We learned that the daughter of the less actives isn´t baptized!! She and her sister go to church every Sunday but their parents don't go. But she is 9 , so we are going to work with her this week to be baptized!!!!! 

I want to share a message about faith in Matthew 14 when Peter walks on the water. SO read it and I´ll tell you about it next week!!!!
love you all
Stay strong!
Sister Peterson