Monday, July 28, 2014

Festa Julina!!!!

SO this week was good!!!
Not a ton of announcements but I remembered my camera converter today!!! :D
We had our Festa Julina which is like a party/ hoedown type thing. It was super fun and there were a ton of nonmembers there!!!!!!

We are working hard with the members to rescue the less actives in the ward. We are hoping for BIG success! I´ll let you know how it goes!!!!!

We had a lot of rain these past few days!!! BLESSINGS :D Good thing I love the rain!
Emilly is the girl with the black hair that got baptized :D
ALways stay strong and I love you all!!
Sister Peterson

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Move!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiiiii :D
First off, WELCOME HOME JESSIE :D You have been an amazing example to me throughout my entire mission. I love you girl!
So this week was good!!! We found this lady Elizete who loved our first message that we left with her. We have tried to go back but she wasn´t home. And she was at a wedding so she couldn´t go to church on Sunday, but we are going to work with her this week! She is amazing!
Wednesday we got a call telling us we can move. So we went home and packed up EVERYTHING! Thursday morning the Elders and a bishop from another ward came and helped us move everything. It took 3 trips in his van, but we didn´t move really far so it´s okay!! It all worked out, and then we got all settled in. Phew.

Something funnny is that when I was cleaning the closet, I was getting down and I smacked my leg super hard..okay not funnny, but it happened. I have pictures but I forgot the converter at home, so I will send them next week!!!!
I promised my English class that i would make cookies, I remembered the morning of HAHAHA. SOoo, at 8 in the morning we went knocking on our new neighbors doors to see if someone had 2 eggs. It was funny, but we got 2 eggs!!! The lady didn´t know us yet though so she came to our apartment to make sure we were telling the truth and that there weren´t any 'nicely dressed robbers' in the building..asking for eggs :D hahaha it was funnny!!!!
Emilly was baptized on Saturday!!!!!!! She is AMAZING!!!! We practiced a song as missionaries to sing for her, and the service was amazing. After her baptism, we were waiting in the bathroom with her and she started to cry because she felt the spirit so strong!!! It was an amazing service. Then afterwards we had to run home because it started at 8:30 at night. BUT, it was such a great baptism!
We have been talking alot about putting our hearts into what we are doing. I love the example of Joseph in Egypt. He was a slave, but that didn´t put him down!! He worked really hard to be the BEST slave that he could be, and look what happened to him!! He put his heart into his work. He didn´t just do it because he was commanded to. We need to do this in our lives. If we have a job to do, or a calling or whatever challenge, we have to do it with ALLL our hearts. If you think about it, it´s actually easier. Either way you have to get the job done, why not do it happily? why not get something out of it? why not grow yourself? Either way you have to put forth your effort, but if you do it with your heart, YOU will learn, YOU will grow, YOU will be happy, and YOU will feel the success.
I´m working on this. Putting my heart into my work, even if it´s 100 degrees and my legs are aching and no one answers us, If you put your heart into it, you will grown and feel closer to your heavenly father!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Peterson

Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup is OVER!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Give BIG HUGS TO JESSIE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is a good thing!!! This last week there were 2 brazil games and the final and since Brazil is a fanatic about soccer we had to stay inside a lot. I love soccer, but I am excited for the ability to go out and work hard everyday this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are working with a recent convert Gabriel who is 13 and he is adorable!!!! He is the only member in his family and he goes to church alone!! He has already gone to the temple and he is working on his family history!! He is just such a strong little example for me!!!!!
Emilly is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! She is still going to our ward and she is going to come to our ward until she feels comfortable to switch to the 3rd ward. But she is going to be baptized on Saturday. We went to a baptism in the 3rd ward on saturday with her and she cried while we sang a special musical number. The spirit was so strong! I am so excited for her! She gets so excited each time we talk about baptism! Sunday we chose out the baptism clothes that she will use!!!! She is a miracle :D FUnny story with her. We were waiting for the elders to come and teach a lesson with us and we wanted to use popcorn as an object lesson but the chruch doesnt have a microwave. So we walked with Emilly until we found someone who would pop our popcorn for usHAHA It ended up being a guy form English class!!! :D
We had mission conference this week for the 1 year birthday of our mission!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love conference with President and Sister Cabral. They are so amazing and so inspired. I learned so much.
An Irmã form the 3rd ward introduced us to a family and they are AMAZING. The mom is Mara and she has 2 children, Ramon and Cendy. We are going to visit them tonight :D I´m so excited!
Oh, English class!!! Normally 70 people come but this was the first week after break so i think there were about 30 people there, non members :D My advanced class had 3 people and SIster Ermácora and it was great because all we did was speak in english :D WONDERFUL!! I actually forgot some words and they helped me :D hahah
We found a new apartment and we should move this week!! I´m exicted!!!
I am learning so much! I love this opprotunity I have to serve a mission!!!!!! Keep working hard and never give up!!!!!!!!!
SIster Peterson

sorry i forgot to take pictures at conference :/ I was a little busy practicing musical numbers. But yeah it´s okay!! :D

Monday, July 7, 2014

My new area!!!!!!


Sister Ermácora´s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week started out a bit crazy. We had transfers on Monday and we packed, cleaned the house and got to our new area all in the same day. it ended up working out super great, and I got a ride instead of having to take the bus. Talk about MIRACLES!!! :D 

My new companion is Sister Ermácora! She is from argentina and she is super nice!!!!!! We are getting along super great!!!

My new area is São Vicente Ala 1. Church on Sunday was great and a new ward mission leader just got called!! It´s going to be super great here!! There are already a ton of members who want to help us!!!! 

We are teaching a girl named Emilly from Ala 3 with the Elders because she lives in their area but comes to our ward. She is going to get baptized in two weeks!! She is elect. She is so excited everytime we talk about baptism and she is understanding everything!!! I love teaching her because she just loves learning!!!! 

We got notice that we have to move so we have to find a new house. So we have been looking at different apartments and we will keep looking tomorrow!!!! 

We have mission conference for the 1 year anniversary of our misison on thursday and it is going to be super amazing!!!! Our zone is doing a performance about our funny experiences, I´m super excited :D

I´m excited that world cup ends this week because then we can get back to things being normal here!!! I love soccer, but it´s a little bit annoying when we always have to stay in. I love the extra study time, but I´d rather be out teaching. 

There´s this scripture, 3 Nephi 13:31-34

Read it!! It is super good and so true!! We don´t have to worry if we have faith and put our trust in the Lord. I´m really learning how to put 100% confidence in Him. 

Love you all and hope you have a good week!!!!!!!!!
Sister Peterson