Monday, August 18, 2014

Let´s get married!!!

Oi :D
Transfers were on Monday and we got 2 new sisters in our ward!!!! Sister Culley and Sister Mio are awesome! Sister Culley is from Utah and SIster Mio is from Peru. It is fun to have them living with us!!!
We are working with Marcos and Patrícia and they aren´t drinking coffee anymore!!! It was crazy. 2 times we went to their house at 6 in the morning to bring them apples and apple cookies so they would eat them instead of the coffee!! It worked!!!!! It´s a little strange to show up to someone´s house at 6 in the morning, but it payed off :D They are also working on getting married. They are legally unified, which is the closest you can get to being married without being married. So we are waiting for the papers and then it should all work out!!!
We are also working with a family, Elvis and Rosi and their two daughter Barbara and Natalia. Only Rosi went to church on Sunday because Elvis got called into work at the last minute and the girls were sleeping, but she LOVED IT!!! She said that FOR SURE she is coming back next week!! We have an appointment with them today! So I´m excited :D
We are working with our other investigators too to get ready for their special day!!!
We helped the 3rd ward with an activity because they needed a pianist. It was great! The youth told the story of the life of Jesus Christ through words and music and then invited the whole ward and friends! It was really cool!
We are working on doing some REALLY COOL activities in the next couple weeks. I might send some of them home to do too, or do them when I get there!!!!
Yay for missionary work!! Look around each day for someone YOU can help with the gospel. The gospel can help every person´s life, no matter the situation!

Sister Peterson

Monday, August 11, 2014

Charity - The pure LOVE of Christ


This week has been great!!!
We are working hard with Marcos and Patrícia so that they can be baptized this Saturday! They are amazing!!! And they really like the church! I´m excited to keep working with them!!
Sunday was an amazing day!!! At church we helped the primary children practice a Father´s Day song to sing in sacrament meeting (because Father´s Day was yesterday here in Brazil) It turned our super cute. The one boy who knew the song fell asleep and we woke him up and then in front of everyone he put on his shoes and walked up to the front. It was pretty cute not oging to lie. It turned out super good!!!!!

Also There is a young couple that made a HUGE pot of soup and last night we went to a park where a bunch of homeless people live and we gave them soup, sang hymns, and talked about the gospel!! It was so cool to help the people physically and spiritually!!
In Gospel Principles we talked about Charity. There are so many opprotunities we have everysingle day to exercise Charity. Really SHOW our love that we have for people! That is my challenge to you. Go throughout your normal day but at every opportunity, look for ways to serve and help others. You will see the difference in your life as you strive to serve others.
We got transfer calls last night and we are staying!! Yayy!!!! I´m excited to keep helping here in São Vicente!!! I love it here! We are also going to start a choir for english class and then have them perform during church!!! yay we are going to have  a TON of nonmembers at church!!!!
I love you all!
Have an amazing week and stay strong and always be happy :D
Sister Peterson

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Insights :D

SO this week was good!
We started teaching a friend of a member until we noticed he lives in a different ward, but he said some interesting things. He doesn´t understand why he has to do good things, if every time he trys to do the right things, more bad things happen. I found this quote that I love for this question,
"Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more." - Richard G. Scott
When we have these trials and challenges, it is the Lord showing us that he trusts us enough to let us grow. AMAZING RIGHT????
We found 2 families this week and a young women also to teach. They all had something in common. They couldn´t accept the fact that there is only one true church. They can´t accept that only Mormon´s will be saved. As I was studying and praying to find an answer for them I came up with this: If you want to be saved, you don´t have to be Mormon, you can go to the Terrestrial Kingdom without being Mormon, you just have to be a good person. But that´s not where I want to be. If we want to get to the Celestial kingdom with our family, we have to make covenants with the Lord. And to do that we need to use HIS authority. So that´s the difference. Christ´s church is where you can find the MOST JOY. :D
We also started working with an inactive and I learned a lesson from her. We need to make sure our own testimony is really strong. Because if not those whirlwinds will come and our foundation will not be strong enough. We need to work hard to make our foundations strong in the Lord.
You are all amazing! Stay strong, build your testimony, love others, and show them the way to eternal life!
Sister Peterson
ps i forgot the converter for my camera again :/ pictures next week!!!