Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I made it!

Aileen and I made it to the CTM this morning!! Kind of crazy. The guy who picked us up speaks very little english. Barely any at all. Kind of crazy. But we got here safe and then we were able to get all settled in before anyone else got here. So we had a little free time and we were able to walk around the CTM. The outside and courtyards are sooooo pretty!!! I seriously love it! The peolpe are so nice and friendly and understanding when were not able to speak at all. I'll try to send pictures next week because we are only allowed to take pictures on p-days. So there are 4 sisters in my district and either 3 or 4 elders. One sister is arriving tomorrow morning and there may be another elder, I don't know. There were also 2 other missionaries that arrived with us who  had gotten their visas and were transefered here from Provo. They already know a little bit of Portuguese so that's cool!!! I also saw a guy that I met at school this year and I sat with him at lunch!!! It was way cool and way fun! The guy who has been helping us around is names Pacenha. (the nh is the nyeh in spanish, and the c is the one with the little curly on the bottem - pasengya) He is way funny and a lot of fun to be around!!!
P-day isn't until next Friday so I will talk to you again then!!!!
Love you lots!!!!
Sister Peterson

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