Friday, November 8, 2013

So I'm in BRAZIL!!!

Wow, so much has happened these last 9 days. I don't even know where to start. The plane ride was good, food wasn't the best but hey! They gave us 2 meals! Haven't had that in a while!!! But Sister Dalton and I traveled together which was way good cause the guy who picked us up from the airport doesn't speak English. But, we got to the CTM all safe and sound and we were the first ones to arrive that day! So we unpakced and walked around a little bit. It was seriously so much fun! Sister Dalton and I are companions which is AWESOME! We get a long way great and it's been a way good time. Since day 2 people onlytalk to us in Portuguese. Everyone at the CTM either knows portugese or is learning it, so we hear it all day every day!! It is so awesome!!!!
I love my district we have 4 Sisters and 4 Elders!!! 2 of the elders just arrived from the Provo MTC on Wednesday!!! So at the CTM they try to bring you into the Culture of Brasil, soooo we eat Brazilian food at every meal. We have some type of porridge, fruit, and a panini type thing for breakfast. ALWAYS rice and beans for lunch and dinner. And then sice we eat dinner kind of earlyand the biggest meal in Brazil is lunch, we have lanche at 9 o-clock. Thats snack in Portuegese. It's almost always some little bread thing, a banana, and this little amazing tasting Juice Box. Like it actually tastes like real fruit instead of that fake stuff we have back home!! It's sogreat!!!!!
So from either day 2 or 3 (i can't remember) we started teaching our "investigator", Diana, in only Portuguese. Kind of terrifying at first, but it went well!!! And it's been getting better everytime!!!! We just got our second "investigator" on wednesday!!! That was cool too! Gabriel is so much easier to teach and talk to. So the reason they are in quotes is because our investigators are also our intructors. So we just met our Instructor Monique for the first time yesterday but we had been teaching her as Diana for a week already!! And Irmao Alvino is Gabriel. He is the best! He started teaching us from day 2 and he is the best!! He just got home from his mission 5 months ago and we all laugh as he teaches us. We do a ton of studying here and learning the doctorine and the lanugage better!!! It really is a lot of work, but it is so worth it!!!
We started having gym time everyday this week and it is so much fun to just have 45 minutes to work out, run, or play volleyball (i alwasy play vball :)) It is a nice change from studying all day. I am learning a lot here which is amazing!!!
Today was our first P-day so we went to the Sao Paolo temple this morning!!! It is absolutely georgous!!! I love it so much!!! We get to go every week!!! And then after emailing today we are going out on the street to the different shops to get things we need or forgot to bring from home. They make these scripture cases here and I can't wait to  go get one and personalize it for me!!! It's going to be so cool looking!!! Ahhhh, so excited :)
Everyday I learn something new and my district helps a lot. Every is so nice and kind and fun to be around!! We all get a long amazingly and have fun and also get a lot done. I feel like both of those things are important because we always need a little bit of a break from studying all day!!
I have so many Brazilian friends here!!! We sit with them at lunch and play volleyball with them and see them in the Hallways. I love having little inside jokes with a bunch of people!! They all leave next tuesday, but we can make new friends then :) It will be so great!!!!!
So here at the Brazil CTM there are only between like 175 and 250 missionaries here at a time, sometimes a little more and some times a little less. So you see the same people alll the time!! It is way cool. Since we only have this many people we also all are in the Choir. I love it!!! On sundays and tuesday we all go to the auditoriom and have choir for 45 minutes. Then we have a 15 min break and then the devotional starts at 7 usually. During the devotional we sing the song we jsut learned. It's not perfect but it is a great way to bring the spirit to all our meetings. Speaking of, we pray all the time!! It's a great way to bring the spirit and help us always know what to prepare and helps us learn better!!!! The CTM is hard, but it is amazing at the same time! I love it here!!
Funny story time - so all the days mesh into each other here. So Sister Dalton and I were trying to find the room on our first day and we went down the wrong hall so we had to go back and go to the other hall to find our room. We had all our stuff at this time. And thennnn, later that day we were walking to our room and Sister Dalton says, "Remember when we went the wrong way??" and she starts laughing like it had been a week before or something, and I'm like, "Remember how that was this morning??" haha Literally the first day felt so long that we thought we had already been there for like a week!!! Anywho, it was probably funnier if you were there ;)
Have a great week!!
Muito Amor,
Sister Peterson

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