Monday, April 21, 2014

Hiiii :D

So this week was interesting. I was in and out of being sick so we were inside a bunch which really throws off life cause you are just stuck inside to sleep and study. It was good but interesting. Then the Elders were being super nice and brought us fruit and candy to make me feel better!!!! What niceeee people haha. 

We tried this new fruit called caqui, i forgot the name in English but it looks like a tomato but it tastes more like a peach nectarine type thing, but it was good!!!! I forgot my camera gadget thingy to put pictures on the computer so I'll send some next week!!!!

We got to watch women´s conference finally this week!!! It was great! If you haven't had a chance yet, watch it!! You won´t regret it!

Last week we had a surprise party for Elder Pradera cause he goes home either today or tomorrow. He left yesterday for Santos it was so sadd to see him leave!!! But he has served his two years and it´s time for him to go home to his family!!! But the party was thrown by the ward and it was so cute and funn!!! And there was good food! It was just a good night! 

Then Friday night Amilton got baptized!!!! We´ve been working with the family, it´s been the Elders and sometimes us, depending on the day. But the baptism was soo spiritual!! Like it was just amazing. We sang and a guy from the ward played the guitar. Then at the end Amilton bore his testimony and it was amazing his wife started to cry and he was talking about being able to be sealed next year (they got married last week) and it was just wonderful!!!!!! Pictures next week!!

We are still working with Keila´s family, but she isn't married and she just started working Sundays but her kids have been coming to church so that's good!!! And her daughter whose 9 got up at testimony meeting and bore her testimony so that was amazing!!! She was so cute!!! 

Sooooooo, last night we were at Amilton's house having dinner and then a cockroach flew into the kitchen and so i named it Thomas cause of course it needs a name. And then his daughter ran out of the room and then i was trying to catch it and then he landed on my skirt...and then crawled in the top of i ran outside and untucked my shirt but nothing happened. So I'm like oh he didn't go in. So I went back in the kitchen but he wasn´t there. So I went into the bathroom just to make sure he wasn't in my clothes, and he now I can say I had a cockroach in my shirt/skirt. Check that off my bucket list!!!! haha it was funny though. They all were shocked that I didn´t freak out or anything, I was just calm the whole time. Daddy are you proud of me :D haha

So Easter is on Sunday!!! I love this time of the year!! It´s just soo amazing. We get to remember Easter every Sunday when we partake of the sacrament, but this is a special time that we have to remember it. Awesome right/???? I have always loved this time of the year!!! And Sister Cabral has been giving us a bunch of things to study as we come up to Easter, so yeah. It´s just like a spiritual feast :D gotta love those!!!! 

Well I hope you all are wonderful!

Sister Peterson :)

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