Monday, August 18, 2014

Let´s get married!!!

Oi :D
Transfers were on Monday and we got 2 new sisters in our ward!!!! Sister Culley and Sister Mio are awesome! Sister Culley is from Utah and SIster Mio is from Peru. It is fun to have them living with us!!!
We are working with Marcos and Patrícia and they aren´t drinking coffee anymore!!! It was crazy. 2 times we went to their house at 6 in the morning to bring them apples and apple cookies so they would eat them instead of the coffee!! It worked!!!!! It´s a little strange to show up to someone´s house at 6 in the morning, but it payed off :D They are also working on getting married. They are legally unified, which is the closest you can get to being married without being married. So we are waiting for the papers and then it should all work out!!!
We are also working with a family, Elvis and Rosi and their two daughter Barbara and Natalia. Only Rosi went to church on Sunday because Elvis got called into work at the last minute and the girls were sleeping, but she LOVED IT!!! She said that FOR SURE she is coming back next week!! We have an appointment with them today! So I´m excited :D
We are working with our other investigators too to get ready for their special day!!!
We helped the 3rd ward with an activity because they needed a pianist. It was great! The youth told the story of the life of Jesus Christ through words and music and then invited the whole ward and friends! It was really cool!
We are working on doing some REALLY COOL activities in the next couple weeks. I might send some of them home to do too, or do them when I get there!!!!
Yay for missionary work!! Look around each day for someone YOU can help with the gospel. The gospel can help every person´s life, no matter the situation!

Sister Peterson

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