Monday, August 11, 2014

Charity - The pure LOVE of Christ


This week has been great!!!
We are working hard with Marcos and Patrícia so that they can be baptized this Saturday! They are amazing!!! And they really like the church! I´m excited to keep working with them!!
Sunday was an amazing day!!! At church we helped the primary children practice a Father´s Day song to sing in sacrament meeting (because Father´s Day was yesterday here in Brazil) It turned our super cute. The one boy who knew the song fell asleep and we woke him up and then in front of everyone he put on his shoes and walked up to the front. It was pretty cute not oging to lie. It turned out super good!!!!!

Also There is a young couple that made a HUGE pot of soup and last night we went to a park where a bunch of homeless people live and we gave them soup, sang hymns, and talked about the gospel!! It was so cool to help the people physically and spiritually!!
In Gospel Principles we talked about Charity. There are so many opprotunities we have everysingle day to exercise Charity. Really SHOW our love that we have for people! That is my challenge to you. Go throughout your normal day but at every opportunity, look for ways to serve and help others. You will see the difference in your life as you strive to serve others.
We got transfer calls last night and we are staying!! Yayy!!!! I´m excited to keep helping here in São Vicente!!! I love it here! We are also going to start a choir for english class and then have them perform during church!!! yay we are going to have  a TON of nonmembers at church!!!!
I love you all!
Have an amazing week and stay strong and always be happy :D
Sister Peterson

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