Monday, December 23, 2013

It´s pouring righht nowww!!!

SO this week was way good!!!!!
i found a big tree branch thingy that fell off :)
First off, I want to talk about some strange things haha. So many people here have shirts or shorts that have american flags or england flags!! It is soo funny!! And everyone listens to American music. Like when we are on the bus that is all I hear!!! it´s so funny!!!!!! Other thing, everyday there is a huge line for the lottery, it is so weird!! Hahahah other thing, houses here are sooo different from the houses back home, every house has a big wall or gate around it and the front is ALWAYS locked. I will send a picture once I take one :) but it´s cool!!!!
So this week we had an investigator named Maria come to church with us!! it was so awesome!!!! We were going to have a family come also but the mom had an asthma attack and had to go to the hospital :/ But she is already getting better which is way good!!!!
WE ARE READY TO WORK - we had to put all the old investigators in order because our area is pretty big so to make better use of our time we visit the people who live near each other the same day!! yayyyy for being productive!

We are also teaching an inactive!! Gustavo, he´s 19 and has a ´wife` who is less-active, but they aren´t married. He is improving a lot though!! That is actually a big problem here!! There are so many families, that have 3, 5 kids and have been living together for years and call each other husband and wife, but they have never actually been married. It´s hard because they have to want to get baptized and then they have to want to get married also. It´s also crazy because so many people have children very very young. There are a ton of teens that have children and families!!! But it´s different because the mom and Dad always stay together and raise the family! It is just a way different culture here!!! 
So last night!!! We went to the stake center for the Christmas program!! I had planned to just play the piano for 1 song. I ended up singing in 2 groups, and playing the piano for 2 groups. Oh the joy of Christmas!! It was awesome though!!!
I am so excited for Christmas!! I love this season of joy and remembering the Savior. It is weird that it´s so hot for Christmas, but I love it here! Everything is different, but it is a good experience!

Love you all!!
.this one is our first set of roomies at the CTM!!
Sister Peterson

Sister Peterson & Elder Caleb!!!

part of my district in CTM and elder johnson and i saw some birds....ha

Me and Sister Dalton :)


Santos friends from the CTM

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