Friday, December 6, 2013



I can't believe I'm leaving the CTM in 4 days! I seriously feel like I just got here!! It has been an amazing expereince and I love all the people here that have helped me learn Portuguese and how to teach better!!! It is amazing to think that we can teach lessons and have conversations in Portuguese after just 6 weeks!!! I love it though. I am so excited to go out and serve!!!

So this week!!! Was a pretty basic week at the CTM, but the highlights were pretty great :)

So last p-day at night we all got together in the courtyard, sang christmas carols and counted down to light up the christmas lights :) It was so amazing!!! I love it SO MUCH!!!! So we have 2 fake investigators that we were teaching during the time here at the CTM and Gabriel got "baptized" yesterday and Diana got "baptized" on Sunday!! Yay we felt so good about it, it makes me so excited to go to the field and be able to teach people the joy of the gospel!!! Then BEST LESSON YET, we have TRC on Monday and that's where we teach a random "investigator" that we haven't met before and it's our first lesson with them. We had a guy Marcello and his wife who was a member just passed away, but we taught him and he understood everything we said, and we understood everything he said, and we just had an amazing
lesson!! The spirit was definitely guiding us because somehow we knew what to say the entire time!! Then afterwards, we invited him to be baptized and he said YES!!! Ohhh such a great feeling, because 1 the spirit was so strong and 2 I can't wait to do this for real in the field and see the joy that people can receive!! It's going to be amazing.

Soooo on Sunday, we I was practicing the piano for a song I was accompanying in devotional and then while we were playing 2 of our Brazilian Sister Friends came in to sing with us. Then Sister Gomes asked if I knew any other songs?? So I started playing "I'll find you there my friend," then she started singing in Portuguese!!! Ahh it was so exciting!! So we sang together, her in Portuguese and me in English and I sang harmony and it was way pretty!!! Then later that day at choir practice (where I was playing the piano) they were in the group that was singing!! Sooo, Sister Oliveria went up to Sister Degn (Presidents wife) and was like, they need to sing this tonight because we are leaving on Tuesday, and sister Degn says OKAY. I was sooo surprised, so between choir practice and the choir practice with everyone, we practiced and then we sang it for postlude!! Ah it went really well!!! ANDDDD people told me my voice sound like the girl from Tangled :) LIFE MADE!!! It was so exciting!!!

ALSO I've been working on pull ups since I got here and I did 3 on Tuesday!!! THE MOST I'VE DONE EVER!!! Soooo exciting i know  :)

Something I failed to mention a couple weeks ago is that everyone in Brazil does this finger snap thing, and I learned how to do it a couple weeks ago! It was so exciting! And it gets louder and better everyday!!! WAY GOOD!!!!

The temple this morning was amazing!! Sad that I won't be able to go for a while, I don't know the rules in my mission but the temple is about 45 min away from my mission so I may or may not be able to go within the next year and a half!!! I love it though, we all stood as a district together :) I'm gonna miss them all a lot they are amazing and they have made such a big difference on my life!! WE are all going to be in 
Utah after our missions, so REUNION!!! HURRAY!!!

Lots of Love, Muito Amor, Stay Cool

Sister Peterson :)

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