Monday, January 13, 2014


So I want to start off this week with a quote

"The Lord´s way is not to sit at the side of the stream and wait for the water to pass before we cross. It is to come together, roll up our sleeves, go to work, and build a bridge or a boat to cross the waters of our challenges."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wow. This says it all. Let´s never give up. Let´s never sit and wait. Let´s do the best we can. Let´s overcome our challenges and weaknesses. 

So this week we had our first baptism!!! Willian is 15 and was really excited to be baptized. It was amazing to see the change in him as his date got closer. He went from jsut joking around to being serious about this covenant. His Mom could tell this too!! It was so amazing. The baptism was amazing and had the spirit so strong and then he was confirmed on Sunday!!! I made some treats for the baptism and it was a success :) 

Elãne and Maria are still progressing, Maria is trying to stop smoking. André is reading the Book of Mormon and feels that it is the word of God. This is so amazing because we don´t have the power to convert others, but the Holy Ghost can soften they´re hearts. 

So we learned we are allowed to watch Disney animated films on P-days so we watched Wreck it Ralph!!! Ahh i love that movie so much!! 

MIRACLE! So we had a training with President Cabral this week and afterwards we were leaving to catch the bus back home. As we were walking to the bus stop we were about 100 yards away and the bus went by (it only comes every 45 min...) and I'm like this one?? and pointed to it and the Elders said yepppp. And the driver stopped at the bus stop cause he saw me gesture to the bus!! Then we ran to the bus. These people here are way nice!!!! 

We also had a training with the Ward on Sunday about the ward mission plan and the members helping us. After wards we received a reference, a young women volunteered to go out with us for a day and an Irmã in our ward drove us around all night to her references and she taught with us. Talk about fast reactions. It was amazing to see that the members are excited to help and show us their friends!!! It was wonderful!!!

Lots of Love!!
Stay Strong!

Sister Amanda Peterson

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