Monday, January 27, 2014

Eu vou morrer de calor!

Hiiii all

Um the title of this translates to, I will die of heat!!! The other day it was either 39 degrees or 43, Idk different people said different things...but i know that 39 degrees Celcius is 102 degrees Fahrenheit (i never knew how to spell that word) So in other words, deadly hot, I literally felt like i was going to fall over every second. But I´m still alive :) yayyyyy ahah

So my new area is Embaré, it´s a neighborhood in Santos. So the wards here are a little different. Here, every ward has their own building. I think it´s because people don´t have as much transportation here. But it´s a bit weird for me. BUT MIRACLE!!! Our chapel has air conditioning!!! Ohhhh, it was wonderful! Anywho, there area I´m in is where President Cabral lives!!! Yay! SO his daughters are in our ward! And my new ward is so awesome! There were like 3 different people who came up to us after church and were like, oh if you need a member for a lesson just call us the day before and we will be there!! They are so awesome! 

Sooo, we were living at this apartment with 3 other sisters that isn't in our area but is right next to it. But then we got moved so now we have to take the bus like 40 minutes everyday to get to our area, a bit difficult, but its good. We are learning the best routes and best buses to take. 

We are working with this family A couple and their two kids and they are way cool!! We have our second lesson with them today! SO we will see how that goes :) We are also working with an inactive Alex. He is 17 and lived in the Utah for 5 years. He was active there but when he moved back he didn´t really like going to church here, so he hasn´t gone for a year and a half. So we are working with him!! It´s great :) 

Everyone says I speak Portuguese really well and that it seems like I have been here for way longer than 3 months!!! But it´s way awesome!! I´m so excited :)

SO I figured out the most wonderful thing. GENERAL CONFERENCE IS SOON!!!! Ahhhhh so many good things about general conference
1. GENERAL CONFERENCE is always wonderful
2. I will speak Portuguese way better 
3. My birthday is the same week :)
4. It will start to be a bit colder!!! YAYAYAYAY
SO pretty much it´s just going to be a wonderful time of life :D

Love you all lots!!!! 

Sister Amanda Peterson

p.s. how many hymns are there in the English hymnal?? cause there are 204 in Portuguese

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