Monday, July 21, 2014

The Move!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiiiii :D
First off, WELCOME HOME JESSIE :D You have been an amazing example to me throughout my entire mission. I love you girl!
So this week was good!!! We found this lady Elizete who loved our first message that we left with her. We have tried to go back but she wasn´t home. And she was at a wedding so she couldn´t go to church on Sunday, but we are going to work with her this week! She is amazing!
Wednesday we got a call telling us we can move. So we went home and packed up EVERYTHING! Thursday morning the Elders and a bishop from another ward came and helped us move everything. It took 3 trips in his van, but we didn´t move really far so it´s okay!! It all worked out, and then we got all settled in. Phew.

Something funnny is that when I was cleaning the closet, I was getting down and I smacked my leg super hard..okay not funnny, but it happened. I have pictures but I forgot the converter at home, so I will send them next week!!!!
I promised my English class that i would make cookies, I remembered the morning of HAHAHA. SOoo, at 8 in the morning we went knocking on our new neighbors doors to see if someone had 2 eggs. It was funny, but we got 2 eggs!!! The lady didn´t know us yet though so she came to our apartment to make sure we were telling the truth and that there weren´t any 'nicely dressed robbers' in the building..asking for eggs :D hahaha it was funnny!!!!
Emilly was baptized on Saturday!!!!!!! She is AMAZING!!!! We practiced a song as missionaries to sing for her, and the service was amazing. After her baptism, we were waiting in the bathroom with her and she started to cry because she felt the spirit so strong!!! It was an amazing service. Then afterwards we had to run home because it started at 8:30 at night. BUT, it was such a great baptism!
We have been talking alot about putting our hearts into what we are doing. I love the example of Joseph in Egypt. He was a slave, but that didn´t put him down!! He worked really hard to be the BEST slave that he could be, and look what happened to him!! He put his heart into his work. He didn´t just do it because he was commanded to. We need to do this in our lives. If we have a job to do, or a calling or whatever challenge, we have to do it with ALLL our hearts. If you think about it, it´s actually easier. Either way you have to get the job done, why not do it happily? why not get something out of it? why not grow yourself? Either way you have to put forth your effort, but if you do it with your heart, YOU will learn, YOU will grow, YOU will be happy, and YOU will feel the success.
I´m working on this. Putting my heart into my work, even if it´s 100 degrees and my legs are aching and no one answers us, If you put your heart into it, you will grown and feel closer to your heavenly father!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Peterson

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