Monday, July 7, 2014

My new area!!!!!!


Sister Ermácora´s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week started out a bit crazy. We had transfers on Monday and we packed, cleaned the house and got to our new area all in the same day. it ended up working out super great, and I got a ride instead of having to take the bus. Talk about MIRACLES!!! :D 

My new companion is Sister Ermácora! She is from argentina and she is super nice!!!!!! We are getting along super great!!!

My new area is São Vicente Ala 1. Church on Sunday was great and a new ward mission leader just got called!! It´s going to be super great here!! There are already a ton of members who want to help us!!!! 

We are teaching a girl named Emilly from Ala 3 with the Elders because she lives in their area but comes to our ward. She is going to get baptized in two weeks!! She is elect. She is so excited everytime we talk about baptism and she is understanding everything!!! I love teaching her because she just loves learning!!!! 

We got notice that we have to move so we have to find a new house. So we have been looking at different apartments and we will keep looking tomorrow!!!! 

We have mission conference for the 1 year anniversary of our misison on thursday and it is going to be super amazing!!!! Our zone is doing a performance about our funny experiences, I´m super excited :D

I´m excited that world cup ends this week because then we can get back to things being normal here!!! I love soccer, but it´s a little bit annoying when we always have to stay in. I love the extra study time, but I´d rather be out teaching. 

There´s this scripture, 3 Nephi 13:31-34

Read it!! It is super good and so true!! We don´t have to worry if we have faith and put our trust in the Lord. I´m really learning how to put 100% confidence in Him. 

Love you all and hope you have a good week!!!!!!!!!
Sister Peterson

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