Monday, September 8, 2014

Eternal Families :D

Heyyyy all :D
So I´m just going to try to explain my joy when it comes to Marcos and Patrícia!!! Sooo many things happened this week!!! Okay so we went to a lesson with them and we were talking about the importance of prayer and fast and doing all we can to receive an answer because Patrícia is a little iffy. So We all decided to do a fast together saturday night until Sunday. We were planning it out when little João Pedro asked if he could fast too. We said for sure!! This was all on wednesday.

Then we went back on Friday to see how they were doing and had a short lesson with them. And they invited us to eat lunch with them on Saturday!!!! Yayyyy :D So we went Saturday and it was so fun!!! Marcos taught us how to cook Stroganof Brazilian style and I made apple crisp for dessert :D

, Marcos and João Pedro came to church and then Patrícia came for Sacrament!! It was testimony meeting and she teared up alittle during the testimonies!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH
SO the marriage. So, Marcos said he had to get his birth certificate sent and the faster way cost more money. So he talked to the Lord and said if the money showed up to do it, he would do it. AND THE MONEY APPEARED!!! Confirmation after confirmation for him that the church is TRUE!!! So he gets the documents TODAY, and then he has to set a day at the place to get married. It will be more simple because they are already stately unified, so YAYYYY!!! We are going to talk to them tonight to see if they are going to be able to go this week or next week :D I´m so exicted!
We also started teaching a lady Tanya whose son is a member in another ward and she went to church on Sunday too!! She didn´t go to our ward, but that´s okay, she wanted to go with her daughter-in-law and I understand. But it was amazing to see that she was happy about it!!!

We did a finding activity where we drew the plan of salvation on the ground this week!!! It was super fun!! We made a lot of contacts!!! It started to rain, and then it stopped, so we had to go over our lines again, but it was a great activity!!! :D

We started teaching another family!!! Oswaldo, Rosi and their daughter Victoria. They live in the front of the church and he goes to English class a lot. ELECT, but super busy, like he leaves in the morning super early and gets back at 10 at night. BUT, we won´t let that bother us!!! We will teach him on the weekends :D yay
Well this week I have been reading a lot about Faith, and how we always have to be cultivating it. Imagine a small tree, if you don´t give it the nutrients to grow, it will die, but if you nurish it, it will grow to be a huge tree with a ton of fruit!!! That´s what we can do with our Faith.

Love you all!
Sister Peterson

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