Friday, November 15, 2013

2nd Week, I can't believe it's going by so fast!!!

Hey all!!!
I can't believe I'm more than a third of the way through my CTM experience!!! I love it here so much!!! All the people are nice, the food is good. I actually really like the porridge we get for breakfast (never thought i would say that!!) and my teachers and district are so awesome!!!!!!
We didn't get any new people this week in our district so we will see if any more come next week. I heard that if they don't come next week then they won't come to the CTM in Brazil even if they get there VISA. It kinda makes sense. That after being in Provo for half the time to just stay!! Makes sense :)
So I know all my emails are uber random but it's cause we don't have a ton of time and anything that pops into my head I say! My bad!!! Hope it still all makes sense :)
A couple items of business (I've always wanted to write that in an email, check it off the bucket list :D):
It takes about 6-7 days for a letter to get here to the CTM but it takes up to 3 weeks for a letter to get back to the states! So if you don't get letters from me for a while, that is why! There's this thing called Mission Ties, honestly don't know much about it but some people like it. Mom and Dad can look into that!!! We ordered these SUPER LEGAL leather scripture cases that we get to pick up next p-day!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I have no idea how to upload pictures and people have tried and it doesn't work :/ So no pictures till I get to the field!!! You will get a lot then!!!
Alright so this week we accomplished a lot!! I memorized the Baptismal invitation, the first vision, and "our purpose" in Portuguese!! Wohoo! My Portuguese is getting so much better!! It definitely helps having Brazilian roommates and that no one will speak English to you even if they know it. We tried having an only Portuguese day yesterday as a district!! We got to lunch doing Way good, but then after that it was hard cause we were trying to tell stories and they are just not funny when it takes 10 minutes to explain them :)  Irmão Alvino wants to go to BYU and he knows a bunch of English, and we are working on teaching him 5 new words a day! He is so awesome and funny!!!
When teaching our Investigators we have gotten a LOT better at not reading our notes as much and being able to express our feelings about principles in Portuguese. It is so amazing!! I love it so much!!!!
So everyone here calls P-day, "P-day" just like back home. It is so funny because whenever we speak in English people are always like, "não entendo inglés" so whenever someone says p-day we say não entendo inglés right back to them! It is so funny and all the instructores always laugh at us. One of the Irmas called us monsters cause we kept saying it. And Irmão Alvino calls us Brazilians. So now we are his Brazilian Monsters :) I love my district so much! We all get along so well and get a lot done and we are still able to have fun!!!! We are like a little family :) -well big family cause there are 8 kids- but it like it a lot!!!
So this week we were given the Miracle Tie. It's this tie that has been here since the beginning of the summer and it's only for American districts and someone has to wear it everyday. They call it the Miracle tie because whenever someone has it, a miracle happens. It isn't really the tie, but it makes us look closer at the little miracles that are in our everyday life! It is so amazing!! Everyone knows I'm so clumsy. So Since day one I have spilled something on my shirt or skirt (or both) and since we got the Miracle Tie - 4 days ago - I haven't spilled at all!! MIRACLE!!! Just small miracles like that make all of us appreciate life so much more!
We got to go to the Temple again this morning!! Wow so beautiful and AMAZING!!! Definitely makes any day, the best day of the week!!!!!
If I forgot something I will say it next week!! It's hard to remember everything you want to say when you are pressed for time and my mind is boggling around. I think I'm going to start writing stuff down during the week to remember!!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Think of me when you all stuff your faces with amazing Thanksgiving food!! I'm thankful for you all!!!!
Love, Sister Peterson!!!!

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