Friday, November 22, 2013


Soooo, wednesday was the half way mark in the CTM here. Ahhh hI don't even know how to feel! It's so crazy!!!!
There was a bunch of cool things that happened this week!!!
So on Sunday I sewed (is that the past tense of sew????) a star onto the Tie!!! Ahh it's so cute!! I like it a lot, it took a while and a lot of concetration but we have a bunch of rest time on Sundays so it was good!! Everyone thought that it looked great! ALL THAT MATTERS :) So on Saturday Sister Dalton got sick and then on Sunday she couldn't stay hydrated so she got a blessing and then they had to take her to the hospital to get an IV for hydration. She went and came back and was all better!!! YAY for blessings :) The next day I got a nasty cough and with the help of cough syrup, some uber strong cough drops, a ton of prayers and a blessing, it's pretty much all gone!!! It's amazing!!!!
So Tuesday started as kind of a slow day and then at night we had this AMAZING devotional by Elder Holland. It was an old recorded one, but it was so good!!! And then after that we had a district meeting where we decided to have a testimony meeting. MOST TOUCHING testimony meeting I have ever been in. Every person in our district bore their testimony and the Spirit was so strong, everyone was crying, and it was just amazing. It was a moment where we all grew closer as a district!! We're a family :) Everyone is so loving and welcoming here I can't stand the love!! It's the greatest!
WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!! We got to go proselyting! (I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO SPELL THAT WORD IN ENGLISH :D) Any who we took a bus for like 30-45 min and then Sister Dalton and I together handed out 8 book of Mormons!!!! Ahh we handed out 24 as a ddistrict! It was literally amazing! We spoke in Portuese the whole time, other than one irish guy we ran into, and it was literally amazing! We definitely felt the gift of tounges while talking to the people! They didn't believe we had only been here for 3 weeks!!!!!
Also on wednesday (such a good day) CALEB got here, I mean Elder Menendez. Ahh it was so exciting to see him!!!! He's way cool and then Sister Dalton and I got to do a little skit for them where we taught in English, THAT WAS WEIRD!!!! We havent taught a lesson in English, EVER!!! Ha, but it was awesome at the same time!!!!
So on Thurdsday we had to go to the Police Station to get our finger prints done and everything, it was supposed to take 2 hours, it took 5. But it was all good!! we saw other missionaries there which was way cool!!!1 It was awesome though, they had these cool fingerprint scanners, LIFE IS GOOD :) I am now brazilian.
Some cool things about the town, there are hobo villages, you see a small plot of grass and there are tents all set up, sosooo different than home! And there are soooo many motorcylces!!!! They all drive inbetween the cars and there are hundreeds of them!! So cooL!!!!! And THEY ALL WEAR HELMETS!!! Daddy would approve :) So pretty much they are maniac drivers, but are so aware of each other there are no accidents!!! yay for Brazilian drivers :)
Well, I'm running out of time!!!
SIster Peterson

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