Monday, February 3, 2014

3 months!!!

I tried Sugar cane juice!! I took a video He literally sticks the sugar cane in this machince that smashes it and the juice comes out. IT IS WAY GOOD! :) i like it, can you tell??? hehe :D
So this week marked my 3 month mark. January 30th exactly. CRAZY RIGHT??? but so exciting!! I also learned we have 13 transfers in my mission, not 12. :) I did some math, yayyyy

Funny thing, so you know the little mirror in the bathroom that opens and has a little closet?? that is called box. That´s what they call it here, becasue its a box. And when I didn´t understand they were like caixa!! Box, english why dont you understand?? haha was way funny!!!

Soooo this week we took the wrong onibus..from the time we took it to the time we got to our door was 2 hours...and we got to the last point and then the bus driver said he was going to return to our stop. But then he left and turned off the lights and shut the door. haha was WAY FUNNY!! Also so when I talk on the phone to other AMerican missionaries or with President I alwasy switch between english and portuguese. So I was on the phone in the Bus and there were these two guys sitting in front of me and I think I swtiched between the 2 languages like 10 times, they kept turning around and trying to understand what was going on. It was WAYYY funny!!!

So there is some sweet wall art here on the streets :) they are way talented!
So there was a lady Renata in church last Sunday. So we marked a day to meet with her. Her boyfriend is a member in São Paulo. So we figuered out she lives literally on the border of our area and Ponta da Praia, but she lives in the other area. So we called up the sisters there and had a joint lesson...with 5 sisters, Renata and her 10 cats. Ha it was hilarious!! BUt she accepted everything! She literally is elect. She stopped smoking and drinking coffee before we started teaching her!! And she understands everything!! She is getting baptized this saturdaythe 8th of Febuary!! I am so excited!!!! We continued teaching her with the 5 of us, and she loves it! So we are all going to the baptism on Saturday! It will be amazing!!

We are also teaching a family Alex, Eliane and Nicolas. Eliane and Nicolas came to church on Sunday but Alex was working. They have read the book of mormon. Nicolas has an answer and so does Alex, and they believe its true!! Eliane is still waiting for her answer but they are so amazing!!! They went our of town yesterday to visit their grandma and they dont come back until next week, but they brought their book of mormons and promised to read!! We will see when they get back!!!

sooo I found whipped cream at the store...$18.90 reais....SO EXPENSIVE!]
I taught the sisters Bula Bula becuase it was one of their birthdays! They sing it like EVERYDAY now!! haha and they also gave me a present yesterday and make me do bula bula hahaha. It was soo funny! I got a rubiz cube :) Because the other sisters have one and i always solve it :) 

SO some random things
I got called a blonde doll on Sunday..haha
We go through a tunnel twice a day to get to our area!! So i close my eyes and hold my breath. I was going to ask the bus driver to honk...but idk how to say that in Porutugese :) haha

So in Zone conference this week we talked about john 11. The story of Lazurus. We looked a it a little differently and I really like it. Mary and Martha did alll they could do they searched for Jesus, Brought him to the Tomb, and had Faith. Then when Christ asked them to move the stone, they were a bit hesitant. It was a simple thing, move the stone and then I will raise him from the dead. It is really interesting to think, "What are the stones in my life that are blocking the miracles of Christ?" we need to do ALLLL we can do, we need to give our 100% and then he WILL do the rest. I really am looking for the stones in my life that are blocking the miracles. As I strive to be better, I really see more miracles everyday!

Lots of love!! Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Amanda Peterson

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  1. Amanda,

    Thank you - we are praying for you and your words meant so much to me tonight. Funny, truth and inspirational but as always full of love for our Savior. I really admire you and hope I can remove the stones from my life that are blocking me from Christ too!

    I am trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese so we can go to the Olympics in 2016. So I will try to send you snipits so maybe we can help each other until then...

    Boa Noite (Goodnight),

    Sister Oyler