Monday, February 24, 2014

Such a great week!!!!

Oiiiii!! :) 

So this week was so great!!! 

We met with Alex, Eliana and Nicollas and then also Maurício pretty much everyday to get them ready for baptism!! They were way excited!! We had so many good lessons with them and then they had their interviews on Saturday!!! Eliana said that she still hadn´t received an answer if she needs to get baptized or not.

Then on Saturday we had the baptism at 7:30. Everything worked out. The font filled up correctly. it was way good!! The only sad thing is that Eliana decided to not get baptized. The sadder thing is she didn´t come to the baptism either, I could tell that Alex and Nicollas were sad that she wasn´t there. But at the same time it was a good service and I saw the happiness on their faces. Maurício was also way happy for his baptism too!! Also the primary children sang and you could just feel the spirit so strong. It was wonderful!!! 

So we also had another lesson with Renata this week where we gave her these little cats we got for her. Each one is one of us sisters. I´ll send pictures. They are cute. 

Something so funny!! We got to lunch on Saturday and the lady who made us lunch made Mac and Cheese!!!! Ahh it was so good!!! It reminded me of home :) so good!!! 

Then this morning we decided to hike up this hill. There are 402 steps and its not just staight up steps. Theres like 5 or 6 and then a steep incline and then 7 and then more. There are portions where there are like 30 steps together and then a big incline. But it was fun and a good workout. The craziest thing is that people live there. The whole way up you see houses. imagine if you had to hike up this hill everyday. Everytime you had to go to the store or school. Interesting right???

Sooo, i read this talk this week about Faith and it´s way good!! Everyone should read it!!! It´s called "Faith - the choice is yours." By Bishop Richard C. Edgley in the November 2010 ensign. so the october 2010 conference. It is a way cool talk about faith :) 

well i love you all so much!!

Stay amazing!
Sister Peterson

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