Monday, March 3, 2014

Transferred again!!!

Our new investigators, they are really receptive. Mario was just waiting for the Book of Mormon
Hiii :)
So yep, I´m getting transferred again, we got the call last night. Sister Rocha is staying and I´m getting transferred. So I will figure out tomorrow where I´m getting transferred too. Should be fun!! I´m always excited for a new adventure!
This week was good! We are working with Jaine who is a less active and her husband Orlando isn´t a member. He doesn´t want to listen to us  but Jaine´s brother Israel and his girlfriend Vitoria want to. They already like the church but there´s a catch. Israel is 18 and vitoria is 15 and they have a baby who is i think 2 months old. So we will see want they want to do and how they feel about everything.
We had an amazing lesson with Renata. She was having trouble recognizing answers, so we all prayed right there to find an answer for her in our scriptures. We all opened our scriptures and read a verse to her and they all helped her and she was so excited and the spirit was so strong!!!
Alex was confirmed yesterday!! Eliana came to sacrament meeting but she was late so she missed the confirmation but it was still good!!! Mauricio is coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon and is strong!! Yayyy!!!
So funny things: i ordered a smoothie at McDonalds and smoothies aren't a normal thing here. So they guy was like aqui é sua smoothie but he pronounced it smoochie!! AHhhhhhh was soo funny!! I was just laughing so hard and no one understood why haha. Also there was this cruise in Santos this weekend so I got the chance to translate for a Russian who spoke a little English!! it was good!! and good practice tooo!!! Other than when I started I forgot some words in English...haha oops :) SOo also it was raining last week so it cooled down a bit!! Ahhh it was so nice. But then after it rains it gets really humid, so it´s a good and bad thing. haha but I´ve always loved rain so it´s all good!!!
this is a sweet family poster, i like it a lot!!
So this weekend and today and tomorrow is Carnival. Pretty much everything shuts down (we are lucky that this lan house is open so we can email) and everyone goes crazy, drinks, smokes, makes a lot of noise, and a mess. And there are these big parades and bands. ALLL night, so it´s kinda hard to sleep :/ But because of this started Thursday night we had to be in our apartment by 6 pm. cause carnival starts Saturday until Wednesday at noon. SO it´s interesting. But it´s good we are inside cause it´s a bit dangerous (donpt worry mommy we are all safe and cozy :)) but yeah it´s been interesting.
I saw this bumper sticker the other day it read, "Keep Cool, you are already late." hahahahha i thought it was hilarious!!!
And the quote of the week...drum roll please...
"No matter how short I think I fall in comparison to others, no matter how little value others see in me, Jesus felt I was worth the price He had to pay." - Adam C. Olson Liahona Sep 2012 cool right??? but it´s true, each and everyone of us are important and Christ died for us, for me, for you. If this amazing person thinks we are worth dying for, then we must be pretty important. :D
Well I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Sister Peterson

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