Monday, May 19, 2014


Soooo we got the transfer calls last week and Sister Dalton got transferred :/ BUT, she´s in Mongaguá!!! My first area! So I will see her every week at Zone meeting!!!! My new companion is Sister Fernandez and she is from Peru!!!! Isn´t that exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is awesome and I just noticed I don´t have a picture with her yet, I´ll send one next week!!!
Sister Dalton and her New companion and I at Sisters Conference!!!!
So there is this guy Antonio that we were working with like 2 months ago but he couldn´t get baptized cause he wasn´t married and his "wife" didn´t want to get married. She was pregnant at the time. Well last Sunday they lost their baby after being alive for only 3 days. It was a really sad time. But Lizandra is really positive. She wants to be a better person and a better mom now for her other children. So she stopped fighting with Antonio and now she wants to get married!! Sometimes we don´t understand why things happen, but the Lord knows everything. If we just put our trust and faith in Him, everything will work out, maybe not the way we want it to be, but the way it needs to be. 

We had our first Sisters Conference on Friday!! It was so much fun!! I loved it :D We learned so much about faith and taking care of ourselves and being the women that the Lord wants us to be. Sister Dalton and I also sang a song!! It was way fun!!!!! 

Our castle :D
We have matching shirts!! Last night together!
We went to visit this inactive on Thursday and no one was home. So we went back Saturday and the lady said we had left a card for them!!! It was one of the cartõe de amizade...i forget how to say it in english, but we hadn´t left it. Apparently the Elders had!! Crazy right??? Well we are going to go back this week to teach her Siliva and her Husband!! She seems really nice and I am excited!!!

So we are teaching this lady Regina and she is so ready to be baptized, she just needs to go to church. So on Sunday we went to walk with her and her friend had just called her to ask her to take her to the she couldn´t come to church. But that´s okay. We will keep working with her!!!! 

This week was good and I´ve been learning so much!! We really have to have faith. And truly have faith we have to act too. Something interesting that I´ve learned is that if we are disobedient or not doing all we can, we are showing to the Lord that we don´t have faith. But I know I have faith, so I need to be obedient, I want Him to be able to trust me.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Sister Amanda Peterson

I made a rainbow out of jelly beans :D ...waiting for transfer calls
oh i organized them all by color and flavor toooo
Elder Chase and Elder Schwenger...this is what we do as we wait for the bus

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