Monday, May 26, 2014


Elder Schwenger and the broken umbrella
So this week was good!!!!! It rained all week!!!!!! It was chilly (miracle) and I got to use my rain coat :D yayayyayayayayayayayayyy

We are teaching this girl Eloisa who is just amazing!! She is completely ready to be baptised and she already accepted and she is super excited, but then she had to go to São Paulo yesterday with her family. So we are going to keep working with her this week. But she is so cute and amazing. She is 19 and we were talking about her concerns and she said that Joseph Smith was the thing she prayed the most about and she already received her answer that he was a prophet of God!!! Her other concern was that she wouldn´t be able to pay tithing cause she doesn´t have a job right now. We explained that you only pay when you get money! She is living at home and going to school, so she doesn´t earn money, she understood and she is excited!!!!

I drew this picture...and then the elders came

Our other investigators are good but we are seeing how there progress is going!!!!!

So there were a couple funny things that happened this week. 

THIS HUGE BLACK DOG we found!!!!! 

My companion walked into a cement garbage can thingy that is at eye level for me and she bumped her head really bad. But she turned and saw my face and started laughing!! 
I´m glad people can laugh at my face ;D but I put some Nature´s Fusions magic on that HUGE bump and it was gone in 1 day!!! MIRACLES!!! AND OILS!!!! :D

There were 2 babies born in the ward this week and we had lunch with both of the mom´s haha. I asked each of them the day before how they were feeling and yeah I pretty much predicted that the baby would come. Haha we had to switch lunches but the babies are sooo cute!! Both little boys!!!!! 

One of the little newbies has an older brother and he is 3 years old and he wanted to hold his little brother all by him self!!! He says that he is his little brother´s papai which means daddy. And it is sooo funny!!!! He was talking to him and he was telling his grandma that he could hold him all alone because "eu sou papai, viu?" haha it was hilarious!!!!!

I love you all
Sister Peterson

MY COMPANION :D SIster Fernandez
OUR PET LIZARD!!!!! I named him Jake

I made this invention cause i had to use like 3 different plugs and i thought all the weight was gonna break the walll!!!!!
This conversation with God that everyone has in their house, it is actually really cool!!!!

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