Monday, May 5, 2014

Talk about Elect :D

We went to some rocks by the beach and took pictures!! Yayyyy and sooo pretty!!!!!.
Hiiiii :D

So this week has been AMAZING to say the least.

We had interviews with President this week and they were really good!!!! We were laughing really hard during mine. Hehe. But since we were in Santos we got our package!!!! So i got my birthday stufff :D yayyyyy I love gummy worms and chocolate covered raisins :D hehe my family knows me so well!! Thanks guys :D 

On Friday night we had Noite de Amizade again and it was great!!!!!!! They made like a billion pasteis and Sister Dalton and I sang a special musical number!!! It was "Abide with Me" and right beforehand I learned to play it on the guitar!!!! It turned out pretty well i´d say!!!!! 

VIRGINIA`S BAPTISM!!!! yaya she´s soo cute!!!!!
Okay so Virginia!!!! We found her not this last Thursday but the one before. So we taught her then on Sunday we went to go walk with her and her husband Elvandir to church. So she had already read parts of the Book of Mormon and she loved it. She had already prayed and she said that it was the answer she was searching for!!! Then she came to church and I asked her afterwards if she liked it and she said no, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 AHHHHH But then she was busy until Tuesday so we visited her then. She doesn´t drink or smoke or drink coffee or tea (EVERYONE in brazil drinks coffee) and she got married last year (practically no one here is married. there are people with 5 full grown children and still not married....) So she was just perfect!! We invited her to be baptized on Saturday and she was!!!!! Then she was confirmed on Sunday and it was just beautiful. After the confirmation she had teary eyes!! She is just so she is wonderful!!!!

It makes me think how many people are there like Virginia who are just waiting for someone to show them the path?? That the Lord has already prepared?? And are waiting for you or for me??? We really need to look around and share the gospel with our friends. Share the thing that gives us the most joy. Share the knowledge that we can live with our families forever!!!!! 

We also found an inactive this week who speaks fluent English!! She was born in Brazil moved to the states when she was a baby and then moved back to Brazil when she was 17 and has been teaching English classes since. So she has a little Jersey accent. It´s so weird talking to someone in English haha. Her children are so awesome too!! They live in São Paulo but we are going to start working with her this next week!!!!!!
E. Smiskey baptized her and it was his first baptism!! He´s not from our area but he was on divisions and he had never baptized someone before so we invited him to! It was awesome :D
There was this really cool looking spider!! And Elder Richards wanted to be in the picture tooo haha

Something funny...I play the piano in church cause no one else knows how. So they wanted me to come to choir practice on Sunday and Sis. Dalton was trying to think of ways to get out of it. Soooo, she said that she had a great idea!!!! She would break my hands...then E. Schwenger said he would save her the trouble and he would break one of them...then E. Richards found a rock....haha wowww 

The 4 of us in my area!!! This little girl was insistent in putting fake tattoos on all of our hands haha. 

Our investigators have little cute bunnies :DDDD

Virginia´s husband has this huge knife and northern hat. So after the interview E. Schwenger decided to try them outt haha. 

But it was a great week!!!!! We have other investigators that we are working with but I'll tell you about them next week!!!

So pictures!! I´ll explain. Real quick, all the pictures make everyone look super red, it´s fake, we are red, but not THAT red hahah :D

Sister Peterson

p.s. something funny. You know when you spell a word wrong and there is a red squiggly line underneath it??? Almost alllll of my words have read squiggly lines underneath them. I guess squiggly isn´t a word in portugese :/ hahahah

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