Monday, May 12, 2014

Waiting and waiting and waiting

We are still waiting for transfer calls. Transfers are tomorrow so we will see. It should be interesting cause we have appointments tonight and if we get transferred we have to pack. I'm almost positive one of us is going to get transferred so we will see. 
this really cool car thingy haha
I also gave a talk yesterday!! it was good but I guess I talk just as fast in Portuguese as I do in English, need to work on that haha.So this week was interesting but good!!!

Tuesday we had zone conference with our zone and Praia Grande but part way through we rescheduled it for Thursday. So we all went home. It was kinda strange. But then for the conference on Thursday it was so amazing!! We learned so much about faith and how if we aren´t obedient we are showing that we don't have faith. Also that Faith is the first thing we need. If we don´t have faith we aren´t going to have miracles, and as a missionary, you need miracles!! We also sang a song a special musical number in our zone, Firm in the Faith and I played the piano. It is such a pretty song and it went really well!!!!

waiting for the talent show to starttt

waiting for the talent show to starttt
We found this lady Kakau and she is amazing. She wants to get baptized, she just has to get married first. But she literally is amazing. So we had planned to have a Talent Show in our ward on Friday and just everything was going wrong. It was raining so people didn´t come, the people who said they were going to come didn´t show up, but Sister Dalton and I were there and getting everything ready anyways. Then we had all of 4 members show up. We waited about 45 minutes and then Elder Schwenger and I decided to just give a message and sing a couple songs. Then Kakau showed up with her son. Elder Schwenger gave a message and then afterwards he asked if anyone wanted to say anything, she bore her testimony saying that she knows this is the right path and it was just amazing. So even though it didn´t turn out as we planned it still turned out the way she needed it!!! 

Then on Saturday we visited Ana Paula!!! SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH. Fluently it´s just amazing. She has a little bit of a Jersey accent and it´s just wonderful haha. She is so cute!!! We also stopped by on Sunday quickly to visit her cause her kids couldn´t come for Mother´s day. She is so nice and awesome!!! She really wants to come back to church, so we are working with her!!!! 

Well I learned this week a lot about faith. Faith in the Talent Show even though there was no one there when we were supposed to start, and just faith that everything will work out. It reminds me of general conference. I forgot who said it, but they were asking the prophet about a problem and he just said, "oh, everything will work out" I want to have that much faith that I truly believe that everything will work out. 

love you all!!
Sister Peterson


we´ve seen soo many rainbows these past days, its beautiful!

Sabrnia is the cutest little girl who comes to church every sunday aloneeee, no one else in her family comes. She´s 11 and she´s such an inspiration to me :D

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