Monday, June 16, 2014

Brasil closes for World Cup!!!!

Hiiii :D
So I made crocheted hats for the newborns in our Ward, 3!!!! Mikey I hope you are proud of me :D
So we had a contact this week. So we were walking down the street and I said to Sister Fernández I think we should do some more contacts, then a man stops us and asks, Vocês fazen visitas em casa??? Do you do visits in house?? and it was so funny. He contacted us!!!! it was great :D
So Thursday we stayed inside all day, it´s our rule that we got for Brazil games. Because literally no one will answer us while Brazil is playing. But it was good, we got extra time to study. We have to stay in again tomorrow.
I did exchanges for the first time on Friday with our sister training leader and it was super good! We had a ton of lessons! :D
We went to visit this less active and her son Sean who´s first language is English and he is adorable!!! We had fun playing the guitar and getting to know her.
Ward conference was Sunday and Elvandir was confirmed :D It was great!! The choir sang and it was super good!!! I´m proud of them :D
Nothing crazy this week. People still look at me weird cause my hair  is SOOO blonde HAHA, it´s not that blonde hehe.
BUt it was a good week!!
Always remember that the Lord truly hears us. We just need to talk to him. And as we pray let's actually converse with our Father. We need to listen too, and the trick for me is that I talk to him like I´d be talking to my dad here. All the things I want to tell him I tell my Heavenly Father because He is my father too.
Have a wonderful week!!
Love you!
Sister Peterson

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