Monday, June 2, 2014

Time Passes quickly!!! 7 months!

This super cute kitty that came up to me on the street
and wouldn´t leave haha it´s sooo cute!! 
SO this week was great!!!! Quick update

Elvandir is doing well!! He knows the church is true but I think he is scared of baptism still. We are going to work with him. He can´t read and I think that is one of his worries, but Virginia is strong and is working with him. It will all work out!!!!! We went to visit them on Saturday and it was so funny because Elvandir wasn´t there!! Virginia then explained that some guys from the church came and picked him up to go hunting!!!! Ha, it´s good that he has friends in the church now :D

We had zone conference this week and it was great!!! Elder Chase and I sang a song partially in English and Portuguese. It turned out really good and everyone wants i have to translate the second half into Portugese hahahaha. 

We are working with Lisangela and Antonio and they are just waiting for their papers to get married!! YAYAYYAYAYAY 
Miguel :)
he is so adorable with his little minion hat 

Choir practice, guess who is the pianist???

our ward mission leader -
he is awesome!!!!!!!!

we made pancakes for p-day!!! 

WE FOUND on the street!!

Beautiful sky :D
 On Friday was my 7 month mark, and guess how many lessons we had!! 7!!! and we spent all night helping at a ward activity!!! it was a great day! :D 

We learned that the daughter of the less actives isn´t baptized!! She and her sister go to church every Sunday but their parents don't go. But she is 9 , so we are going to work with her this week to be baptized!!!!! 

I want to share a message about faith in Matthew 14 when Peter walks on the water. SO read it and I´ll tell you about it next week!!!!
love you all
Stay strong!
Sister Peterson

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