Monday, June 9, 2014

Faith and Miracles

This week was crazy and amazing. 

Each day all day our appointments fell through and it was difficult. But then each night we had a miracle. :D It was amazing. 

The baptism!!!
Our ward mission leader is on the right
 and Elvandir is the little man :D
His wife got baptized last month!
I want to share the story about Elvandir. So we had given him a baptismal date for Saturday. So on Friday my zone leader went to do the interview and Elvandir was REALLY nervous. So it didn´t really go super well. Then he went back Saturday morning and everything was good. Elvandir is sick so he wanted warm water and we don´t have a baptismal font. So this weekend was stake conference so we decided to do the baptism at the stake center! Saturday our ward mission leader went and picked up Elvandir and Virginia for stake conference. We decided to change the baptism to Sunday to let Elvandir calm down a little bit. So Sunday Irmão Rubens picked them up and he was talking about the baptism. When they pulled up to a stop sign Elvandir opened the door and ran. I was at the stake center already because I was singing in the choir when I heard about this. Well he got to stake conference and it was good! Then afterwards he was still super nervous a fidgety and agitated all together. Then he kind of had a panic attack. We got him a chair and then our Bishop gave him a blessing. Afterwards he was really calm and said he was ready to get baptized. So he got baptized, even though he is scared of water, and afterwards he was so happy!!! He was calm and everything ended up working out. 

The part that was the most interesting for me that was through all of this I wasn´t worried, or freaking out or anything. I was surprisingly calm.  We have been learning a lot about faith recently and I think my faith has truly been growing. When we have faith and we put our completely trust in God we don´t have to worry. We can just have the faith that everything will work out. I really saw this yesterday. That we truly can have the faith to give it all to the Lord. 

Saturday we to conference and the sessions had been switched, so we showed up for the priesthood leadership meeting. So we were with the Elders and their investigator Mauro. We ended up having a testimony meeting in the parking lot with 8 missionaries (6 elders and us) and a recent convert and Mauro. We all shared our conversion stories (all but 3 are converts) and our testimonies. It was so cool and Mauro got baptized the same time as Elvandir!!! It really was a miracle :D

I hope you all have a wonderful week and you take the time to see the miracles that are in our lives everyday!

Love you!
Sister Peterson


a random dog that somehow got
on the top of a house! haha

Elder Chase helping wash a families rat haha

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