Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracles :D


We had mission conference this week and it was super awesome! I love getting all together and learning how to be better missionaries from our leaders!!! I didn´t bring my notes with me, so I will write something next week about it. But at the last minute we decided to sing a quartet!! We sang Be Still my Soul a capella and it turned out super well!!! We didn´t do all the breathing right, but I think we were the only ones who noticed haha.
Jorge was confirmed yesterday!!! It was a miracle because he told us he had to work on Sunday which would make him wait 2 more weeks to be confirmed because there is conference this weeked (YAYAYYY) but we prayed all week and he was there at church!!!!!!!
Speaking of church, it was amazing!! We had the choir from our english class so in our ward conference there were about 30 + visitors!!!! It was amazing!! And they sang soo well! I was so proud of them :D
Marcos and Patrícia are doing well!!! At church they gave out little book marks that said "The Temple should be every family´s goal." And behind it gives some helps for how we can get there and one is have FHE every week. João Pedro with his 10 years turned to his Dad and said, Daddy, we don´t have FHE everyweek, we should!!! He is so amazing!!! There baptism is going to be on the 25th, one day after they are married! I am so exicted for this day :D
Bishop called us this week and said someone from a different ward passed a refferal for an inactive that lives SUPER close to our house!! So we went to visit her and she is AWESOME!!! She has been inactive for more than 4 years and her husband passed away last year and she never knew that there was a church 5 blocks from her house!!!  She came to church yesterday and loved it!!! We went to visit her and figured out that her 15 year old son isn´t baptized yet! So we are going to work with him to get ready for this special day for him!!!
I am so excited and blessed to be a missionary of Jesus Christ, to represent Him. We can all be missionaries too. Imagine if we didn´t just have a ward of members, but a ward of missionaries. Imagine how much we would grow and how much we could help our friends who are standing right beside us.
I love you all!!! Keep smiling!
Sister Peterson
p.s. sorry no pictures this week, next week for sure :D

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