Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference was AMAZING!!! :D

Wow Conference was the highlight of my week!!!
I would like to share EVERYTHING, but you will all read about it in the ensign next month, but I will share some things I particularly loved!!

Boyd K. Packer talked about how we say, "someone must pay for this!!!" He gave us the best answer..SOMEONE ALREADY DIDChrist has already paid for everything!!!!! It´s amazing!!!

Conference also talked a lot about obtaining our own testimonies and being spiritually strong through personal revelation. I have noticed the impotance of this. Here on my mission I cannot lean on the testimony of someone else. I have to be strong for myself. And there will be a time in EVERYONE´s life that they will have to be strong for themselves. That´s my invite to all of you, really gain your own testimony of Christ and the prophets because that is what will keep you strong and firm even in the worst storms of life!
We need to take responsibility for ourselves, salvation is individual. We need to each be a strong element personally! They also talked a lot about parenting. I would just like to send a smile of thanks to my parents who have been the best examples I could have ever hoped for!!! Thanks Mommy and Daddy, you are the best parents in the world, I love you!!! All the things they talked about today, YOU taught me! I´m glad that I had this as a child for it to grow into a habit. I love you!!!

Also about the sacrament!! There was a lot said, that must mean that it is SUPER important!! And it is!!! It is our blessing to be forgiven of our sins and made clean, make it a spiritual experience!!!
We all know that life is hard, but I love how the prophets and apostles remind us that WE AGREED to all of this!! We agreed to the sickness, the hard times, the trials, the sadness, everything. We wanted and were anxious to come to this earth. WE WANTED THIS!!! Let´s show that we still do!
It was interesting how straight forward everyone was in this conference. You are doing this wrong, stop, and make it right. No beating around the bush. So we just learned all these commandments that the Lord has given to us, what are we going to do with them??? SIster Cabral has us make check lists for everything, make a check list for conference and then APPLY it to your life. YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!
Our investigators are doing well!!! We met a new family we started working with and a lady Erika who went to one of the sessions of conference and liked it!! I´ll update you more on everyone´s progress next week!!!

love you all :D
Sister Peterson

I loved how they were able to speak in their native language!! Talk about amazing new things!!! :D
One of my favorite things I learned that I will teach to EVERYONE:
Learn the power of prayer verse the routine of prayer!!

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