Monday, October 13, 2014

Look at them all Progressing :D

This is sign outside of the secretaries office
How is everyone doing???? We are doing AMAZING here!! :D
Our investigators:
Erika is amazing!! She went to church yesterday and liked it!! She is stopping to drink coffee and she is excited for her baptism this weekend!!! We are going to make homemade pizzas with her and her family tomorrow. I will try to remember to bring my camera!!! We are going to work with her husband too, he works a lot so we haven´t been able to teach him, but he has already had contact with the missionaries and he likes the church!!!!!
Gabriel was interviewed and will be baptized this weekend. He loved church yesterday!! The young men in our ward welcomed him in with open arms!!!! His mom is amazing!! And is coming back to church super strong! They are such a wonderful family!
A pigeon decided that it wanted to live with us...
and it kept hitting the window and couldn´t get out,
so I had to open the window to help her.
Marcos, Patrícia and João Pedro are great as always :D They are super strong and excited for their wedding and baptism next weekend!! They weren´t able to come to church yesterday because Marcos´grandma passed away and they were at the cemetery, but he is doing okay. He is super strong and always turns to the Lord for help.
Michelle, Cauan and Matteus returned from Recife. Cauan wants to get baptized so we are going to work with him this week to get ready. Michelle wants to get baptized too but she has to figure out her situation, if she is going to stay with her boyfriend or not. But they all came to church on Sunday and it was wonderful!!!!!
We made cookies for a FHE here,
it was sooo much fun and they turned out super well
even though I didn´t have all the ingredients haha.
We are working with a couple other people but they aren´t super firm, so we will see if we will keep working with them or not, and I´ll let you know!!!
This week we had a lot of fun and success!! We are excited for this next week!!!! 
We were teaching the word of wisdom the other day and I decided that I am going to write MY Word of Wisdom (MY WOW) to help with my personal life. I know there are things I do and eat that make me feel good and active, so I am going to try to put this into effect. Then I will WOW myself with how much better I feel each day :D I challenge you (because I´m a missionary and that´s what we do :D) to write your own WOW, and see how it really blesses your life!!
Love you all!
Sister Peterson

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