Monday, October 20, 2014

The Lord helps his servants!

So this week was super awesome.
We went to a different area everyday to help find new people to teach. So we only spent one afternoon in our area and that day we spent planning our activity, which turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Talk about blessings from the Lord!!!  A couple things fell through and I ended up having to play and sing the guitar...i learned a couple of hymns in about 10 minutes, that was interesting. And then someone picked one and I had about 30 seconds to learn to play it....that was difficult haha, but it´s nice improv practice!!!
But it was an activity about the plan of salvation and we were all in a plane and the Flight attendants were selling cookies, cake, pop, and water and the people had money to buy them, but everything was super expensive so they had to use their 'white papers' to buy the food. It was really interesting. It was super fun!! Then the people who kept their 5 white papers (covenants) went to the celestial kingdom, 3-4 terestial, and 0-2 telestial. They only stayed there for about 5 minutes and then they could visit the other kingdoms to see the things they "missed" and we ended with testimonies and experiences. But it was AMAZING!! People found each other after the mix up and they were hugging and excited to see each other and people heartbroken that they have to be split up, it was just a wonderful experience! And everything worked out!!!!!!!!!
I almost forgot to mention that I made 240 cookies for this activity. And not just normal small cookies we had to have HUGE cookies to represent pride and let´s just say that Saturday was Cookie day!! Haha

Gabriel has had a traumatizing experience with water so we are going to help him this week try to get over his fear so he can get baptized!
Cauan went to church on Sunday in church clothes and he was adorable!!!! He sang in the primary program and he is so excited to get baptized!!!! We taught him a couple lessons this week with pictures and designs and activities and he understood SUPER well!! He is a really smart 8 year old!!! he is super excited to keep learning and get ready for his baptism. It will be when his "uncle" can come from São Paulo to baptize him. He is wonderful!
Marcos and Patrícia got married on Friday
Marcos and Patrícia's wedding day

Marcos and Patrícia are getting married friday and baptzied with João Pedro on SATURDAY!! I am soooo excited! It is going to be AMAZING!!!!!! He is so amazing!! His grandma passed away, he was diagnosed with kidney stones, and he is having financial problems and still he fasted and went to church and paid a fast offering. He is the Example investigator to me!!! He never gives up!!!!
Sandra and Maria Eduarda from the 3rd ward got baptized yesterday, I forgot my camera to send pictures, but if you remember a lady cutting my hair, it´s her!!!! She is amazing!! Love her so much!!! She is a sweetheart!!! She wanted us to be there so we ended up running from our ward to hers and on the way someone gave us a ride!! God is so good to us!!! He looks out for us in all the different ways in our lives!!!!
We are so excited for this week!!!
Work hard and stay strong!!!!! Keep reflecting on General Conference and everything you learned!!!!!!! 

Love you much!
Sister Peterson

Marcos and Patrícia got Baptized with João pedro on Saturday!!!!
Marcos afterwards gave an AMAZING testimony that
made me want to cry! HE is so amazing!!! He already has an
interview marked with the bishop for the priesthood!!!!!
I am SOOO excited!!!!!!
We are also working with a couple other people but I´ll write more about them next week!!!!!
Also Cauan got baptized and he is adorable.
After he was confirmed he sat down next to his mom and said
"yay, i got the Holy Ghost!" he was so excited! It´s adorable!!!!!
This weekend was literally a MIRACLE!!!! I am so happy!!!!

The pictures explain everything :D

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