Monday, October 27, 2014

The week we have been waiting for!!!!

SO there will be about a hundred pictures if I am able to send them all, it´s going UBER slow, but lets seee. PIctures from last weekend and from this weekend. IT WS AMZING!!!!!
Marcos and Patrícia got married on friday and then Baptized with João pedro on Saturday!!!! Marcos afterwards gave an AMAZING testimony that made me want to cry! HE is so amazing!!! He already has an interview marked with the bishop for the priesthood!!!!! I am SOOO excited!!!!!!
Also Cauan got baptized and he is adorable. After he was confirmed h sat down next to his mom and said "yay, i got the holy ghost!" he was so excited! It´s adorable!!!!! This weekend was literally a MIRACLE!!!! I am so happy!!!!
We are also working with a couple other people but I´ll write more about them next week!!!!!

The pictures explain everything :D
Stay happy always!
Love you all
Sister Peterson

Most Pictures are on last week's post

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