Monday, November 24, 2014

It´s THIS WEEK!!!!


Manuel and Aurecí are getting married and baptized this weekend!!! It´s going to be WONDERFUL!!! I am SUPER excited :D I attached some pictures of them!!!!

They are amazing and they are super excited! It is going to be a wonderful experience for them!!! Manuel is really excited to get baptized! He asked how long he has to wait to get sealed in the temple!! We told him a year but he is excited that he can also go for other things before hand. It is going to be a great weekend!!!

Speaking of, it´s going to be kind of crazy too!! We have 2 weddings, a baptism, and Mormon helping hands, and a Christmas cantata all on Saturday!!! We will somehow do it all!! haha I´m up for the challenge!!!!

This week we had 2 cantatas in different areas so Sis. Calleja and I were traveling a lot! But it has been good!!! The one last night was interesting because the low d on the piano didn´t work HAHA. Sis Sweet and I play a bunch of the songs together on the piano and it was hard to not play the D. But it turned out well!!!! My vocal chords are being fried but i think I will be able to hold it out. We have 12 more. And the last one is here in my area!! SO I´m excited about that!! 

So I was studying a lot this week in 2 Nephi and Isaiah talks a lot about the 2nd coming and signs that we should look for. Then in gospel principles it was the same lesson!!! It is super cool that we can see some of these signs coming to pass right now!!! I love how true the scriptures are! The prophecies are happening RIGHT NOW!! And we are helping!! Isn´t that exciting???

Well I love you all!!! Stay strong and always look to the Lord

Sister Peterson

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