Monday, November 17, 2014

Soo, my new area!!!! Yayyyyy

All 4 of us are new so we are trying to find our way around in the new area. It is super fun and we are loving it!! The members are already awesome. They already gave us rides :D yay haha

The sisters left us a couple that they were working with!!! Aurecí and Manoel. They are an older couple and Manoel is doing therapy from an accident where he was paralized, but he is able to walk slowly with a cane!!!! They are going to get married on the 29th and baptized on the 30th!!! We are SUPER excited to work with them :D  I already love them!!!!!

This week has been a lot of planning and getting to know the area and members, I am exicted for this next week!!!

Friday we has zone conference with the President! Talk about amazing!! we learned SOOO much!!!!!!! We learned a lot about teaching and how the Spirit is the great teacher. We have to remember to listen and observe more, that's what makes a good teacher. 

Sunday (yesterday) we performed our first Christmas Cantata in the 2nd ward in São Vicente. WOW so an Elder was stuck in traffic and an accident on the bus and he sings in 2 duets and a quartet, sooo we taught another Elder his part in the 2 songs of the quartet, another Elder sang one of his duets and sister Cabral came up to me asking me to sing the other duet....WHAT???? IT was O Holy Night, but in Portuguese...I do not know the words in Portuguese so she told me to sing my part in English. IT WAS SOO FUNNY!!!! She wanted me to do this walk thing, but the air conditioning was broken so there was a huge fan that blew into my microphone while I was singing and blew all my hair in my face HAHAHA but it turned out okay. It all ended up working out!!!
This morning we did a thanksgiving feast :D I made pumpkin pie, from an actual pumpkin and it turned out good!!! haha it was a super fun!!!!! yay for traditions :D

I love you all!!!
Sister Peterson

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