Monday, November 3, 2014


Sooo remember Gabriel??? Who is traumatized of water????? WELLL he was BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!! 

Talk about miracles, and amazing zone leaders who stay in cold water for 3 hours and do water therapy. It was amazing!!!!! But he was happy, his mom was crying and we were all screaming for joy. What a wonderful Sunday :D

Other than that the week was normal. Sister Calleja and I hit our 1 year mark so the sisters made us breakfast! That was fun! And I made FRENCH TOAST!!! Talk about delicious!!! :D OH and Michelle made us Bruschetta. It was amazing!! So I made it for the other sisters and they loved it!!! David we are going Italian here!!!! 

We had a presentation for all of the bishops and stake presidents for our Christmas Cantata and we sang pretty bad, but they all loved it!!! We practice this morning and it´s getting better. I´m learning a lot of patience and I have to sing soprano 1. I have to go up to an A flat...yay haha

Well love you all!!!!

Have an Amazing week!!!

Pictures are self - explanitory today :D

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