Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Wonderful Week in Brasil :D

Our group of sisters after helping do contacts in Ponta da Praia one day last transfer. 
So this week was way good!!!

We had a mission conference with one of the Area Seventy on Tuesday!! It was way cool and we learned a lot about how to be better missionaries!!

Our Ward mission leader is literally amazing. Like I can´t ven explain how amazing he is. He takes out the Elders or us every night and he picked up I think 15 people for church on Sunday!!! SO COOL RIGHT??? he is just wonderful!!! He is so helpful to the missionary work!

So this week we started working with José Carlos and he is the Dad of one of the young women in the ward. He promised to come to church if it wasn't raining so we prayed for no rain. And GUESS WHO WAS AT CHURCH??? he came late and when Sarah (his daughter) showed up I asked her where he was and she said he's coming later but she didn't seem convinced. He came for the 2nd hour and for sacrament!!! Right before Sacrament I saw Sarah and told her that her Dad is here!! She just looked at me with this surprised expression and said seriously??? MIRACLE it was great.

We also were visiting a family last week with the ward mission leader and the dad called us saying he wanted to learn more. So we went back and he liked our first lesson!! We are going to go back this week!! Yayyyy :)

We are working with some other people and we will see how they progress.

Saturday we went to the activity at the stake center for the Anneversary of Relief Society. It was way cool and i saw some of the ladies from Mongaguá!!! It was soo cool to see them!!! Saturday morning we went and did service at this house they are remodeling. They didn´t end up having a ton for us to do, so we sifted sand, and swept up the house. Then we had a water fight. Good thing because it was sooo hot!! haha it was fun! And we were helping out! Everyone wins :) 
Renata´s cat with my rubix cube!! CUTE RIGHT??? 
Some random things:

There was this stuffed animal dog we were playing with while we were waiting for lunch and Elder Pradera was making it dance famous dances that everyone knows. It was sooooo funny!!!!! 

I forgot a hairband the other day so I braided my hair and then used my ring as a hair band!! It worked surprisingly!!!

THERE WERE THE CUTEST LITTLE PUPPIES AT LUNCH ON SATURDAY!!! Literally like I just wanted to hold them forever!!! They were adorable!!!!
Renata visiting us at transfers :) it was greatt!!
There were about 13 investigators at church on Sunday!!!! yayayyyy and one family that is excited about the church!!! SO we are going to start working with them, or the elders, or both of us. We will see. It depends who doesn't have appointments who can go out with the ward mission leader. It´s all good!! I´m excited for this week :)

I hope you have a wonderful week, and look for opportunites to serve!! It´s an amazing thing because it puts a smile on someone else´s face, and you are also happy doing it!!!! Everyone is just happy :) 

Well I

hope you all have a wonderful week!!!! 
Sister Amanda Peterson

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