Monday, March 31, 2014


SO yeahhh it was Christmas for me! I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE! It only delayed a couple months, but thank you everyone!!! I loved all of it!!!!!! IT really was a great Christmas for me :) yay for american candyyy tooo cause I got my christmas package from Jessie too!!! 2 Christmas packages on the same day...march 28th is the new Christmas for mee hahahah :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!! I can´t believe you are 17!!! You can drive on family trips now! yayyyyy
SO this week didn´t have a lot of crazy stories like normally. But we has 5 baptisms in the ward this week!!!! 2 were for the Elders, 2 were ours, and 1 was a little boy who was getting baptized!!! Yayyyy. We baptized Lyedson (whose birthday is the 5th, the day after mine, we are planing a joint bday party no big deal :) and ellison!!! They are the sons of less actives who are starting to come back to church!! I have pictures!!! But i will send them next week!!!!!
but yeppp this week was good!!! We are working with this family Keila and her daughters and they have come to church for the last 2 weeks!!! They are on date for baptism this weekend so we will see if everything works out!!!

I'M SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! its always like my favorite :) no big dealll!! haha but its gonna be awesome!! yayyyyyyyyyyy GET EXCITED!!! haha i hope everyone can get excited for general conference. I know sometimes it seems long, but the PROPHET and his APOSTLES are talking to US!!! to me and YOU!. How amazing is that!!! Go in with questions and you will receive soo much inpiration!!!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Peterson

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