Monday, March 24, 2014

It´s cooled down :DDDDDDD

Sister Dalton and I and this adorable cat :) 
Hiiiiii :D

So it´s true, the official first day of fall hit and it started to cool down. MIRACLES!!! It´s great though. It has also been raining a lot which is so great because i absolutely love the rain!! It´s a wonderful thingggg :) 

So this week. We have zone meeting which was good. We planned our acts for the talent show we had this week too!!! We also had zone conference with another zone and with president this week!! It was really good too. We did practices on how to ask truly inspired questions. It was a little difficult, but it was good. Then when Sister Cabral was talking she was telling us about making healthy food options. At the same time we here this crinkling behind us. Sister Dalton and I turn around and president is eating chocolate. IT WAS SO FUNNY. But the best part, he leans forward and whispers to us, "One chocolate per day, you´ll be happy always." with his accent and everything, oh it was sooo funny!! haha

Then on Friday we got kicked out of our house...well not literally it was almost 8 in the morning and the guy who is charge of all the housing in the mission came and wanted to paint so we have to leave for them to come inside. So we grabbed all of our stuff for weekly planning and studying and left. It was really interesting haha. But it was funny and I´m excited for all the painting and remodeling to be done in our apartment. 

The Cleaning Crew :D
We went early to the chapel on Saturday to help the elders clean the baptismal font/pool. It was interesting and funnn haha we made a game out of it and it was awesome!!! Then Julia was baptized on Sunday!!! It´s a girl that the elders have been working with!!! The mom is a member but the Dad isn´t. It was soo cool! And we sang for the baptism and it was just amazing. Then Elder Richards wanted to make cookies for the baptism. But we didn't have a cookie sheet or anything like it. So we had a bundt cake pan. So we just poured in the cookie batter (we didn't have any measuring spoons or cups so we just guessed) and cooked it. IT actually turned out really good and everyone loved it!!! We ended up calling it the Rich Petey Bolo Cookie. (Elder Richardson, Sister Peterson, Bolo means cake in Portuguese, and cookie haha) cool right??? I liked it :D

Also on Saturday we started our English class!! It was good and we are going to advertise for this next week!!! 

So we were working with Antonio and he is completely ready to be baptized but then he went out of town to São Paulo for 2 weeks. So hopefully when he gets back. 

We also started teaching this family Keila and her 3 children Karin, Yasmin, and Vitor. They are litterally so adorable!!!! They are just wonderful. And we were walking to their house yesterday and Yasmin and Vitor were playing on the street with their friends and when they saw us they started running to us yelling Sister Sister!!! Ahh it was so cute!! They are 7 and 9 haha ADORABLE!!!! 

But yep, this week was good!!!

I´m definitely learning to be stronger here on my mission. Sometimes people don´t accept us, or investigators don´t come to church, or it´s just hard. But I know that at the same time, the Lord is always mindful of me. I know he will always be there for me no matter what I do , and he just wants to help me :) Amazing right???? I love the scripture 2 Nephi 1:15. We can truly be eternally in the arms of Christ's love. THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I`VE EVER HEARD!!! hehe i get excited sometimes :) 

well have a wonderful weekkkkk :D 

Sister Peterson

our pet david :) haha a bird flew into our apartment and it wouldn't leave for like 10 minutes haha

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