Monday, March 10, 2014

So transfers were this week...

Sister Dalton and I
AHHHHH YOU WOULDN`T BELIEVE WHO`S MY COMPANION!!!! Okay guess, no? Oh, I´ll just tell you. It´s Sister Dalton!!! Like my visiting teaching companion before the mish, and my companion in the CTM!!! Ahhhh it´s so cool!!! Other thing, The Lord and President must trust us a lot to put the two of us together who only have 4 months and are still learning Portuguese. It´s a good thing our Portuguese is wayyyyy better!!!!! yayyyy but yep sooo
We are in and area called Belas Artes and it´s in the same zone as Mongaguá, my first area!!! So it´s cool!!! This week has been good!!!! Last Monday we had Lunch with Renata and she cried when we were leaving cause out of the 5 of us, 2 were getting transferred. Then she showed up at transfers to say bye to us. She is such a sweetheart. I cried a little toooo. Then on Wednesday we had mission conference and it was way good!! I love conferences cause I just learn so much!!! 

Soo note the name of the street!!! :)
So here in Belas Artes we have an amazing Ward mission leader!! He goes out with us or the Elders practically every night. He picks up like 10 people for church every Sunday and does multiple trips. And he is just so amazing and helpful!! I love it!!!!!! 

Other thing, the Elders in my area are Elder Pradera and Elder Woodbury. It is Elder Pradera´s last transfer and Elder Woodbury went to school with me at BYU, so we are already like besties. And lunch is so funny!! Cause we have the members and then the 4 of us...3 Americans. And they just think we are hilarious!!! It's way good!!

So in church yesterday Elder Pradera came up to us during Relief Society and was like usually the teacher for gospel principles isn't here so you two need to teach cause they had to go look for their investigator. Sooo, we taught gospel principles. Two American sisters. HA, but it was really good!! And everyone liked it. We definitely had the Lord helping us with that lesson :) 

So this week was good!! I´m still just in shock that Sister Dalton is my companion, but it´s awesome!!!

Love you all! Have an amazing week. 

Our pet Charly!!! It´s hugeeeeee
Sister Peterson

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